Beulah Smith is a skilful, highly experienced and creative conference producer with in depth experience of working with senior executive teams to communicate vision, purpose and strategy.

From the conference stage to enhancing internal communications’ effectiveness, Beulah has been producing conferences and live events for 20 years, following a spell in brand management at Whitbread and before that, studying Economics and Marketing at Lancaster University Business School.

Capable and approachable with special expertise in the preparation of sophisticated communication plans within complex business environments, she concentrates on the message and its communication, delivery and absorption, long after the event is over. This might encompass the overall design of the event from concept to agenda creation, logistics and delivery. Sometimes it might simply be working with an individual presenter, who needs to ensure that his/her message is received loud and clear and in the way in which it was intended. This means really understanding the objectives, the business context, the desired outcomes and the audience perspective before beginning to tackle the subject in hand.

Beulah knows that speaking live can be a time consuming affair – not just the half hour or so of the presentation but the planning and practise before hand. She also knows that conferences are a great way of energising a team and getting the message out cohesively, to everyone, in one hit, but that they can also cause a real distraction. By removing this distraction and working closely with presenters at all levels, she smoothes the processes of a conference through to a successful conclusion.

Having worked at the most senior level with major players in the retail, home improvement, facilities, financial services and third sectors, Beulah has a straightforward approach and isn’t shy when it comes to challenging presenters to give of their best. She combines insight and practicality to deliver events that exceed expectation.

Key attributes summary

  • A clear and effective communicator with well developed cultural fluency and excellent listening and presentation skills – quick to assimilate and process key information
  • Adaptable and energetic combining clear vision and strong people management with the ability to perform at both strategic and operational levels, and consistently achieve objectives
  • Leading and directing a highly technical and creative team within a rapidly changing conference environment
Registered in England No. 6051275